New Season Czech Wines Push Out The French

According to the supermarket Tesco, Czech St Martin’s Wine (Svatomartinské víno) has all but replaced the more renowned  Beaujolais Nouveau. And this year, although the traditional day to begin selling new season wine is 11th November, it is available from the 8th. Photo credit: Brno Daily.

Brno, Nov 11 (BD) – November 11th is a significant date for many reasons. But for most Moravians, St Martin’s day is the first day that the new season’s St Martin’s Wine can be sold. In Naměstí Svobody in Brno St Martin arrives on his horse at 11am on the 11th November. But this year, because the 11th is a Monday, you can buy the wines from the 8th. 

Photo: Saint Martin is arriving, this morning, Náměstí Svobody, Brno. Credit: Brno Daily.

So popular has this event now become that Beaujolais Nouveau hardly gets a look in. The Czech wines must fulfil certain criteria: they can only come from certain grape varieties and must be approved by a committee of experts from the Wine Fund of  the Czech Republic. Just look out for the special logo of St Martin on a white horse.

These fruity fresh wines are for drinking straight away but will be fine for Christmas.  To enjoy them at their best white and rose wines should be served between 5-7 degrees and red wines between 10-12 degrees. However many people enjoy them whilst out with friends. 

Photo: The special logo of St Martin on a white horse. Credit: Brno Daily.

Most restaurants and bars offer special menus which include the now traditional dishes of roast goose or duck served with cabbage and dumplings. 

Even supermarkets get in on the act. Tesco hypermarkets offer 26 varieties of St Martin’s wine, including one from the Bzenec chateau winery.

Photo credit: Brno Daily.

As if you need more incentive,” St. Martin’s wines will be available for approximately the same price as last year,” says Ondřej Beránek, President of the Wine Union of the Czech Republic.

Photo credit: Brno Daily.

This year St Martin’s wine is available 3 days earlier.

Photo: Traditional Saint Martin’s wine tasting on Naměstí Svobody. Credit: Brno Daily.

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