In Photos: A New Home For Brno’s Llamas

Lamacentrum is run by the non-profit Hády Land Association (PSH). “As PSH, we have been taking care of the highly valuable natural environment of Hády for almost twenty years.” Photo credit: Lamacentrum archive.

Brno, Nov 6 (BD) – The “Jungle Quarry”, where Lamacentrum is now located, was closed and unused for many years, overgrown with weeds, and even considered as a site for waste soil. “This would certainly not benefit the surrounding natural environment or people who go walking in Hády, and that would be a shame. We were able to use the quarry for a completely different purpose – to build facilities for visitors to Hády and to create educational programs for children,” explains the organization’s website.

Photo credit: Lamacentrum archive

So in 2011, the first alpaca llamas moved into the quarry. Other animals were gradually added over the following years, including sheep, goats and rabbits.

Photo credit: Lamacentrum archive.

In November and December, Lamacentrum opens on Sundays from 1-3 pm.

How to get there: see this link.

Lamacentrum asks the visitors to always check the opening times on their website before their visit, as they might change depending on weather conditions.

Llamas at Lamacentrum. Photo credit: Lamacentrum archive.

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