Stowaways! Mushrooms Found Growing On Ceske Drahy Trains

The mushrooms were spotted on the Breclav-Znojmo route, and the photos were published online, causing widespread amusement among Czech social media users. Photo: Facebook.

Brno, Czech Rep., Oct 21 (BD) – Anyone who knows the Czech Republic knows about the sacred tradition of heading out to the forest when the weather is right to collect wild mushrooms. But for those who can’t wait for the train to stop before they start their hunt, Ceske Drahy [Czech Railways] has the answer!

The mushrooms were spotted on the Breclav-Znojmo route, and the pictures quickly spread around Czech social media. “Mushroom season has begun on České dráhy carriages,” wrote one user. Other users speculated about whether the mushrooms had paid for their seats, or whether Ceske Drahy were trying to assist mushroom pickers at risk of getting shot by hunters if they made it to the forest. There was also a discussion between enthusiasts about which variety of mushroom Ceske Drahy was cultivating, with a consensus that they were Oyster Mushrooms (Pleuretus ostreautus).

Ceske Drahy responded to the pictures in good humour: “Damn, and we were hoping to keep the planned new mushroom dishes in our restaurant carriages secret until the last moment… But seriously, the photo is of an old BTx carriage. We are going to harvest the last of these carriages as soon as possible, and with them the mushrooms.”

Image: Facebook.

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