What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°43

Welcome to “What’s Up Brno?”, where every Sunday we offer you an overview of events in the city over the next week! We only list English-friendly events, unless otherwise mentioned in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Oct 20 (BD) – There are plenty of unique events, festivals and exhibitions happening in Brno in the coming week. Refresh your new week with the German-language Film Festival, presenting a selection of films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland for your viewing pleasure. Another exhibition not to be missed is Digital Era Artworks, a two-day event where you can learn more about new forms of media. Did you know that Living coral 16-1546 is the color of this year according to the Pantone Institute? If not, you might be interested in Adéla Waldhauserová’s event Living Colour, which will investigate further the role of colour in human life.  A networking event, a tango class and a chocolate festival are other options to make your week incredible. 

The new week begins with Das Filmfest Brno (The Film Festival), which will screen German-language films at Kino Art. Over five nights from October 21st to October 25th, you can expect a wide range of films, from documentaries to high-quality mainstream features and films that have been successful at international film festivals. Check this link (in Czech and German) to get more information about the program and find a film for your movie night.

If you are curious about the digital era which has become dominant in our daily lives, don’t miss the Digital Era Artworks in Galleries and Museums event. It is a special opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the latest methods and practices of managing collections of new media in galleries and museums, mainly across Central Europe. The rich program (in English) will feature items and installations including analogue, digital, and sound art, among others. This event will run for two days on Tuesday and Wednesday (October 22nd and 23rd). Check here (in Czech and English) for more information. 

Colour is a wonderful element of life which has been a magical inspiration for so many artists. Interested in colour? Then you might love exhibition Living COLOR 16-1546, an event organised by Adéla Waldhauserová, where you will learn how colour is connected to human expression; living coral 16-1546, chosen by the Pantone Institute as the color of the year, stands for our natural need for optimism and joyful endeavors. Visit the Facebook site (in Czech) to find more information about this interesting art exhibition. 

On Thursday there will be a chance for Brno’s entrepreneurs to participate in the Networking Up conference, to transform your business idea into reality as you gain inspiration from the experienced speakers at the conference. The event will deliver speeches in both Czech and English. Tickets are on sale now with a low price of CZK 200 for students. To learn more about the conference, visit this website (in Czech and English). 

Keen on the sexually-charged Argentinian dance, the tango? You are more than welcome at Argentina Tango for Beginners – Autumn Class, “Tangonexion”, where you can start from the very first steps of tango to the complex steps, all under professional instruction from native dancers and mentors. Not only that, there are also other interesting well-prepared workshops with regular tango, milonga and Argentinian lectors. For more about the tango class, click here (in Czech and English). 

Chocolate lover? You should not miss the Valtice Chocolate Festival 2019 (Valtice ČokoFest 2019). This is a fantastic event where everyone who loves sweets and chocolates can spend a fun day with family and friends. From the moment you arrive at this event, you will be confronted with a range of fun activities such as making your own chocolate pie. If you feel like this sweet festival is what you are looking for, check for more information here (in Czech) and stay tuned. 

A tropical atmosphere in Brno, why not? This is what you might find at the African Market in Brno (Africké trhy v Brně), where African and Asian exotic fruits will be sold in large quantities. Giant jackfruit, wild avocado, sweet bananas, mango and sweet pineapple from Uganda are ready for you. Durian and beautifully colored dragon fruit will attack your taste buds, and on top of that you can’t find such a rich supply of vitamin from elsewhere. Why not create a new cake recipe made from these fresh fruits? Find more information here (in Czech). 

Everyone loves to combine their food with the most appropriate drink. What is the best wine to go with beef, for example? How about wine and pumpkins? Autumn is a perfect time for both pumpkins and grapes when they all turn ripe, and the event Wine and Pumpkins (Víno a dýně – Moravská Nová Ves) is an occasion to celebrate the wine season. On Saturday October 26th there will be a traditional autumn event with a special selection of pumpkins and wines. The admission fee will be CZK 450, including wine tasting. Check this site (in Czech) to learn more about the event. 

Do you want to exercise this weekend? Having fun with mud, grog or mulled wine while you still get the satisfaction of a large net full of fish, these are what to expect at the Ceremonial Harvest of Vrkoč Pond in Ivan (Slavnostní výlov rybníka Vrkoč v Ivani). This is a unique experience to be a fisherman and get involved in catching fish through practical activities at the Vrkoč pond. Admission is free. This event is perfectly suitable for kids and family. Find more about the event here (in Czech). 

October or the Halloween month: either way of saying it may remind you of pumpkins. Brno Zoo will organize an event called Halloween (Halloween v Zoo Brno) on Saturday, October 25th. At the event, 500 pumpkins will be vividly decorated for Halloween day with a number of interesting competitions and pumpkin tasting. Beverages made from pumpkins will also be introduced from around 14:30. You will find more information here (in Czech).

Prepared by Tien Dong and Thanasis Papadopoulos.

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