One-Hour High-Speed Rail Connection Proposed Between Brno and Prague, To Open In 2034

The high-speed rail connection will continue to Ostrava, and will also enable high-speed international connections. The entire connection should be under construction by 2030, with scheduled completion in 2034. Credit: Central train station in Prague. Credit: SŽDC.

Brno, Oct 8 (BD) – The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) is responsible for implementing the Government Program for the Development of Fast Railway Connections in the Czech Republic, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry for Regional Development and regional and local authorities. The priority of this program is to upgrade the Czech rail network with high-speed rail connections, with trains travelling up to 320 km/h.

The central artery of this network will be a route connecting Prague to Ostrava via Brno, which will reduce travel times between Brno and the Czech capital to just one hour.

Central train station in Ostrava. Photo credit: SŽDC.

However, Brno residents shouldn’t start making appointments in Prague just yet; this connection is not due to be in operation for some time. SŽDC is hoping to gain permits for all required construction by 2025, with a view to having all construction underway by 2030, and completion is currently scheduled for 2034.

The plan also envisages faster connections between these three cities and regional hubs, similar to the design of existing high-speed rail networks in countries like France, Spain and Germany. In addition, these upgrades will facilitate integration with high-speed rail connections in neighbouring countries. The total cost of the project is expected to be around CZK 150 billion.

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