South Moravia’s Elite Police Intervention Unit Is the Best In The Czech Republic

The South Moravian elite intervention unit has once again retained its title at the Police Championships of the Czech Republic, in a contest against 12 other elite units. Participation in the competition is a prestigious opportunity; in addition to the Czech intervention units, police departments in Slovakia and Germany also joined the contest, which took place this year in the Ústí Region. Photos: Police CR.

Czech Rep., Oct 3 (BD) – Police spokesman David Chaloupka described one of the disciplines of the championship: “The biggest challenge was a simulation in which police officers had to eliminate terrorists who were trying to blow up the Fláje Dam. The intervention took place in the interior of the dam, in irregular and often confined spaces without lighting. After disabling the attackers, the police still had to deactivate the dumped dummy explosives.”

Police teams also competed in shooting, tactical and physical skill contests, demonstrating their ability to navigate in the field and work at heights. 

The intervention unit of the South Moravian Region brought the Police President’s Cup home.

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