Video: Zombie Apocalypse in the Centre of Brno

There was a zombie outbreak on the streets of Brno this Saturday. Dozens of zombies marched through the streets of Brno and partied hard, as part of the Zombie Walk 2019. Photos: Casadei Graphics. Video: TP / Brno Daily.

Brno, Sep 29 (BD) Hundreds of zombies roamed the streets of Brno on Saturday for the Zombie Walk 2019. People dressed in zombie costumes inspired by movies, series, games and literature took part in the event, and came up against several army units that tried to stop them.

There were several cool parts to the Zombie Walk, such as a zombie makeup session, zombie games for children and adults, and a fundraising campaign for the Krtek Children’s Oncology Foundation.

At the end of the event, zombies, soldiers and civilians came together at the zombie afterparty to close the event in style.

Zombie Walk Brno 2019 was organized as a part of the Serial Killer TV / online series festival.

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