Residential Parking: Signs Up In New Zones From This Week, To Come Into Effect in November

Between now and mid-November, signs and road markings for new residential parking zones will be installed in areas adjacent to the city centre. The work will be carried out one area at a time, and will require patience from drivers, especially when the blue floor lines are being painted. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Sep 24 (BD) – The work was started by Brno city employees on Monday of this week in area 1-03 to the east of the centre, with each section due to take two days. According to the plan, the installation of the new traffic signs was to begin on Bratislavská from 23-24 September, continuing on Stará on 25-26 September, Příční on 27 and 30 September, Příkop and Ponávka on 1-2 October, and finishing on 3-4 October with new signs on Koliště between the junctions with Milady Horákové and Cejl. 

On 7 October the work will move south to area 1-04. By October 10, signposting on Skořepka and Vlhká should be complete, followed by the southern section of Koliště, part of Nádražní, Rumiště, Spálená, Prizova and Mlýnská.

From 21 October to 15 November, work will take place in area 1-11 bound by Mendlovo náměstí, Pekařská, Husova, Hybešova, Václavská and Křížová. Traffic signage will be installed in Kopečná, followed by Vodní, Hybešova, Leitnerova, Jircháře, Anenská, Studánka and finally Mendlovo náměstí itself. From 4 November, traffic signs will appear in area 1-12, on the lower part of Pekařská, Pellicova, Úvoz, Sladová and Údolní.

For more information about dates of re-marking in specific streets, see this website.

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