Three More Robberies Over The Weekend As Thieves Take Advantage Of Tiredness and Inattention

All three cases involved victims who were tired, drunk, or oblivious. South Moravian Police are urging public transport passengers to remain vigilant, even when tired. In photo: A man fell asleep at Hlavní Nádraží, got robbed twice in July 2019. Credit: MP Brno.

Brno, Sep 24 (BD) – The first theft was from a 27-year-old man who fell asleep drunk in the exit of a shopping mall in the city centre. According to police spokesman David Chaloupka, “he was sleeping so deeply that he didn’t even wake up when someone unbuckled his belt-bag with his wallet, all his papers, and his cell phone. The man lost things worth over CZK 6,000.”

Two other men were robbed on night buses leaving Brno Main Station. A 26-year-old man lost a CZK 25,000 laptop during a short trip to Mendlovo Náměstí. On the way to Stará Osada, a 30-year-old man had a wallet with documents and over CZK 2,000 in cash taken from his shoulder bag. 

Police are urging all public transport passengers to remain vigilant, especially when tired.

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