Brno Planetarium Will Mark 40 Years Since The Release of “Alien” With A Special Screening

To mark 40 years of terror since the original release of the iconic sci-fi horror “Alien”, Brno Planetarium and the Future Gate Festival will host a special screening of the film, with a discussion and a documentary investigating the film’s origins. Image:

Brno / Prague, Sep 24 (BD) – The event kicks off in the early evening of Saturday with a short introduction, before the original film is screened in the large planetarium. There will then follow a discussion with guest panellist Frantisek Fuka, followed by a documentary, “Memory: The Origins of Alien”, focusing on the screenwriter and artist behind the monster, and the influences which drove their horrifying creation.

The Brno event is completely sold out, but the event will also be taking place in Prague’s FUN Arena on Friday 27th, with Kamil Fila as the host, before continuing to Kosice in Slovakia on October 3rd. For more information and to buy tickets, see the Facebook page for the event.

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