Brno Heating Company Turns Heating Supply On For The Winter

The move is in response to average temperatures falling below 13 degrees celsius, with especially low temperatures experienced in the early morning. Photo: Brno Daily.

Brno, Sep 18 (BD) – Brno Heating Company started supplying heat on Wednesday 18 September, due to decreasing temperatures, especially in the morning. According to Petr Fajmon from the company: “The heating plants have been obliged to respond to a decrease in average daily temperatures since 1 September, to below 13°C. As the forecasts predicted that temperatures would fall below this threshold on 18 September, we have decided to start supplying heat to provide our customers with thermal comfort. We will decide on the future heat supply according to how the weather develops.”

The last heating season for 2018/2019 began on 25 September and lasted 248 days without interruption until May, one of the longest heating periods ever. The company used the summer months which followed for necessary technological repairs and further conversion of the steam-water network into hot-water. The summer of 2019 was very warm, with the hottest month falling in June. “[June being the hottest month] was certainly interesting, even more so because it followed a very cold May. The difference in average temperature between these two months was more than 10°C, which is highly abnormal”, said Přemysl Měchura from the company.

As in the previous year, the company plans to make maximum use of heat generating sources in an economically efficient cogeneration mode together with maximum use of heat supplies from SAKO Brno.

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