Moravian Library To Reopen After Two Months of Renovation Work

The Moravian Library [Moravská Zemská Knihovna; MZK] will reopen today, following two and a half months of renovation work through the summer. The newly opened library is offering readers up to 19 years of age the opportunity to register for free. Photo B. Zalubil.

Brno, Sep 16 (BD) – The work completed this summer included upgrades to the bathroom facilities in the rental and study rooms, freight elevators between floors, and lighting in the periodical reading room, as well as the replacement of a number of bookshelves. However, most of the work was done in the atrium, which had several layers of new waterproof material and extensive reconcreting to prevent leaks. Tons of clay, concrete, and other debris were removed during the renovation.

Library director Tomáš Kubíček described the completed work: “The construction work is only partially visible, but what is obvious at first sight is the building insulation, which has improved the protection of the collection, the atrium adjustments, and the complete transformation of sanitary facilities. The atrium will undergo a second phase of reconstruction, but this will not take place until the summer months of next year, to minimize disruption to those using our library services.”

The reconstruction is part of the “Fund for Improving Services and Protection of Cultural Heritage in the MZK”, which is co-financed by the European Union under the Integrated Regional Operational Program (IROP). 

In addition to construction work, the project focuses on improving data storage and supporting digitalisation. During the summer, MZK purchased equipment and software for digitizing and archiving audio recordings, which the library collects alongside the mandatory copies of published books. “Digitizing audio documents will not be a one-time event. Although the online distribution of music recordings is prevalent today, the library continues to receive newly released media,” said Petr Žabička, Head of Development, Research, Innovation and Digitalization. The total budget of the IROP project is over CZK 94 million, of which the costs of the reconstruction represents almost CZK 49 million. The plan will be completed by the autumn of 2021.

As part of its reopening, MZK is offering readers up to 19 years old a free annual registration, which is especially useful for first-year university students. Benefits for registered readers at MZK include the possibility of ordering books from stock for both on-site study and home loan. They also have access to daily newspapers and magazines, current and older editions, and can access the digital library ( of full texts of scientific articles. They also get access to library wifi, copying and printing as well as lending of tablets and electronic readers. From September 16, readers can access the library during limited opening hours on weekdays from 8:30am to 7pm. Full operation, including Saturdays, will resume at the beginning of the university academic year on 30 September.

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