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Czechs Ranked As Ninth Most Intoxicated Nation

The research, carried out by the London-based Global Drug Survey, analysed data collected between October and December 2018, from over 120,000 people in more than 30 countries. Photo: CG.

Czech Rep., Sep 10 (BD) – The Global Drug Survey is an annual comparative report on drug use and attitudes to drugs around the world, produced by a London-based organisation of the same name, and is the largest of its kind. The 2019 report is their 8th annual report. This report collated the responses of 123,814 people in more than 30 countries, collected between October and December last year.

The Czech Republic ranked ninth among the most frequently intoxicated nations based on those responding to the survey, who got drunk 37 times a year on average, compared to a global average of 33 times. The top four countries were all English-speaking nations, led by the UK (51 times), US (50 times), Canada (48 times) and Australia (47 times). This comes despite the Czech Republic consistently coming out on top globally in terms of beer consumption, even when different methodologies are used. Research by the Japanese Kirin Beer Company found that the Czech Republic has been the top beer-drinking nation for the last 25 years consecutively.  

The survey also collected data on which drugs are used in different countries, how they are purchased, and from where, and asked users about their relationship with drugs.

59% of respondents to the survey were male, and 87% were white. The mean age of respondents was 29 years old.

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