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Police Successfully Solve August Murders in South Moravia

August was a challenging month for the South Moravia Police Department (SMPD), who were investigating two cases of murder and one case of attempted murder. Photo: stock picture / Freepik.

Brno, Aug 29 (BD) – On August 24, a woman called the police to say she had found an elderly man with no signs of life in an old-peoples’ home in Brno. “After examining evidence found at the scene and performing an autopsy, the police concluded that it was a particularly serious case of murder,” said Pavel Šváb, spokesman for the SMPD. “By analysing fingerprint, trace, and biological evidence, we obtained information about the identity of the suspect, who was detained on Sunday,” added Šváb.

The investigation established that a television, a mobile phone and keys were missing from the apartment. During the interrogation, the suspect told investigators that he had checked the flats the previous evening to see if he could steal something.

The elderly man opened the door when the suspect knocked. When pushed back into the apartment he tried to call for help, triggering the assault, which caused him fatal injuries in the head area. “The suspect handed over the stolen items to the police, the phone was already in the pawnshop. If found guilty, the suspect could face up to twenty years in prison or even an extraordinary longer sentence,” said Šváb.

On Friday evening, a woman from Hodonín called the police to report that her ex-boyfriend had attacked her in her apartment with the intention of killing her. “Fortunately, he did not succeed in doing so. A few hours after the attack, he was detained and charged with attempted murder,” said Šváb.

In early August, detectives from the SMPD began investigating the case of a man and woman who were found dead in a house on Šilingrova in Břeclav. Pavel Šváb explained the outcome: “After a thorough investigation, yesterday [August 15] we charged a 29-year-old man with murder. The accused lived with his family in Břeclav, and has appeared at the court on several previous occasions, primarily for property crime and violent crime.”

The police collected over 100 traces of evidence at the crime scene. Fingerprint and biological trace evidence turned out to be the essential evidence in the investigation. 

Crime scene in Břeclav. Photo: Policie ČR.

According to police, the extent of injuries to both victims was significant, and they had no chance of surviving the attack. The accused attacked them with a cutting tool. He went to the house to steal, but disturbed the inhabitants. He probably decided to kill them to avoid being identified. After the incident, he left the scene on his bike. Police also established that he had been in contact with the victims before the crime.

“As a suspect he confessed to the crime, but after being charged he has refused to testify,” said Šváb. If found guilty, the suspect could face between fifteen and twenty years in prison or receive an extraordinary longer sentence, according to Šváb.

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