Doctors At University Hospital Brno Successfully Deliver Baby To Braindead Mother

Doctors at Brno University Hospital were able to maintain vital functions for a woman in a braindead state for a record period of time, long enough to deliver her child. The little girl weighed 2.1 kilograms and has been with her father since Monday, Czech media reported on Tuesday. Photo: stock picture / Freepik. For illustration purposes.

Brno, Aug 27 (BD) – “The doctors from Brno University Hospital successfully handled this extraordinary case and have extended the limits of modern medicine. They managed to maintain vital functions in a pregnant woman who was brain dead and saved her baby. The baby was born in week 34 by a caesarean section. This case is extremely rare, on a global scale,” wrote Brno University Hospital in an official statement.

The pregnant woman was in a state of cerebral death due to a vascular malformation that caused bleeding on the brain. Doctors kept her alive for several months until the baby was ready to be born. A caesarean section was then performed in mid-August.

Brno Daily will bring you more details after the press conference next Monday at the hospital.

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