This Autumn, Volunteers Will Again Clean Up The Czech Republic – And The World!

The autumn volunteer cleanup event “Let’s Clean the World, Let’s Clean the Czech Republic” is coming up in less than a month, to coincide once again with the international World Cleanup Day. Organizers from the Czech Union for Nature Conservation and Let’s Clean Czechia are now calling on the public to get actively involved in the cleanup. Photo credit: Uklidme Cesko.

Brno, Aug 25 (BD) – “During World Cleanup Day last year, nearly 18 million volunteers from 157 countries around the world managed to collect 82,000 tons of waste,” said Miroslav Kubásek, National Coordinator of World Cleanup Day for the Czech Republic. Last September 15, World Cleanup Day was the largest voluntary cleaning event ever.

“By collecting garbage, volunteers are not only trying to improve the environment where they live, but also to show their interest in the future of our planet and set an example for others. Our common goal is to involve up to 5% of the population, i.e. 380 million people, in the future,” explained Kubásek.

Based on the success of last year’s World Cleanup Day, the organizers from Let’s Do It In Estonia decided to make the event into a tradition, with this year’s date falling on 21 September.

How to get involved

Getting involved in cleaning up the world doesn’t require any great preparation – just come and help. Check out the cleanup map and join an event near you. If there is no event organized near you, in your city or neighborhood, take your own initiative and organize a public cleanup yourself. Or if you are a lone ranger, go and collect it on your own. “Remember that every piece of waste collected counts!” said the organizers.

Brno Daily is a media partner of Uklidme Cesko.

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