Czech Press Photo Exhibition Will Come To Brno Next Spring

On Wednesday, Brno City Council recommended the Brno Assembly [zastupitelstvo] to approve a subsidy of CZK 275,000 for the Czech Press Photo 2020 contest. The photo contest and exhibition tracks the events of the past year for the public, using the year’s best photographs. Photo: New Town Hall. Credit: Brno Daily.

Brno, Aug 23 (BD) – The Czech Press Photo contest is a tradition dating back more than 20 years. The competition categories are Photograph of the Year, Recent, Problems of Today, Daily Life, Art and Culture, Sport, Portrait, Nature, Science and the Environment, and Lifestyle.

“Czech Press Photo has a long and strong tradition in the Czech Republic. Its prestige continues to increase, as does the quality of the pictures presented. I am therefore very pleased that Brno, which is a city of modern and constantly developing culture, has always been involved in the project and has always attracted many artists, including photographers, some of whom have achieved success in this prestigious competition in recent years. That’s why I also believe that the exhibition will attract many visitors here,” said Marek Fišer, Council Member for Culture.

The exhibition of competition photos will be held first at the Old Town Hall in Prague, and then at the New Town Hall in Brno from 15 February to 23 March 2020. 

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