What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°34

Welcome to “What’s Up Brno?” – where every Sunday, we offer you an overview of events in the city over the next week! We only list English-friendly events, unless otherwise mentioned in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Aug 18 (BD) – Feel like you haven’t celebrated Brno’s birthday enough? Fear not, for you have a week full of food and wine festivals to look forward to. Get the party started again! But stuffing yourself for the winter is not all you can do: international music stars, dance lessons and even an orchestra playing movie soundtracks are all coming up this week in Brno!

The Špilberk International Music Festival continues. On Monday and Wednesday you can experience two movie-themed performances; “Cinema Concert II: Jonas Kaufmann – “Dolce Vita” and “Homage to Miloš Forman“. The festival concludes on Thursday, with the Slovak Janoska Ensemble performing  “A Touch of Vienna”. You can find more information on our previous article: “Brno’s Music Scene Doesn’t Go on Holiday – Špilberk International Music Festival Coming in August”.

From Monday to Thursday you won’t have to worry about cooking: the Svoboďák Food & Drink Fest is back with 45 stands of the most delicious food the city has to offer. The Food fest will take place in Náměstí Svobody and is open from 11am to 10pm. You can find more information on the Facebook event page.

Open your closet and take out that nice shirt and suspenders or a flowery dress: it’s swing time! On Tuesday you can go to a free Swing Dance Lesson at Café Biograf. The event starts at 6pm, you can read the program of the event (in Czech) on the Facebook event page.

Remember when we were young, the future was so bright? If you do (and you shouted WO-OH reading this paragraph) and you still feel pretty fly (for a white guy), The Offspring will be playing at Brno Exhibition Center this Wednesday. Tickets are still available, you can find more information on the Facebook event page.

Do you like your summer festivals with great music, great food and great beer? You can find all those things at the City Piknik organized by
Hitrádio City Brno on August 21. The Piknik will be at Slovanské náměstí from 4pm to 9pm, and you can find more information on the Facebook event page.

Do you prefer more relaxed surroundings where you can truly appreciate the taste of the land? On Thursday Open Garden Bistrot will host a moravian wine tasting for the festival “Víno z blízka!” [Wine from nearby]. Tickets start from CZK 390, and you can find more information and the full program (in Czech) on the Facebook page of the festival and on their website

If you have fallen in love with local delicacies, you can visit the Slow Food Market in Zelný trh. From August 22 to 24 the square will be full of local agricultural products from South Moravia. You can find more information (in Czech) here

Want to see something in a new (candle)light? On Friday you can go on a night tour of St. James ossuary, starting from 7pm. You can reserve your ticket and find more information here.

Looking for your weekly dose of traditional folklore dance and music? On Saturday you can see the premier of “Krížom krážom”, the new performance from the ŠMYKŇA Folklore ensemble at the Brno City Theatre. Tickets cost CZK 250, and you can find more information (in Czech) on the Facebook event page or the website

Prepared by Manuele Siciliano.

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