‘People and Money’: An Exhibition at The Czech National Bank in Brno

Do you ever wonder about the origin of the money in your pocket? The Czech National Bank is running two long-term exhibitions in Brno about the fascinating history of the Czech currency. Photo credit: ČNB. 

Brno, Jul 16 (BD) – The two exhibitions were created in collaboration with the Moravian Museum. The first one, entitled ‘People and money’, explores the historical development of the monetary system in the Czech lands with a specific focus on the unique aspects of its development in Moravia.

Visitors will be able to view historical documents concerning Czech monetary policy as well as different historical currencies and forgeries. They can also learn about the various ways in which money has been historically guarded against theft. The tours are conducted by expert guides and employ interactive audiovisual media. The second exhibition focuses on the work of Jiří Harcuba, a distinguished designer of coins (he is, for example, the creator of the 5 crown coin).

The exhibition is located at the National Bank’s Brno branch on Rooseveltova 18. Entrance is free of charge. On Mondays through Thursdays there are three guided tours each day and they start at 9 AM., 11 AM. and 1:30 PM respectively. On Fridays, there are two tours available, one starting at 9 AM and another at 11 AM.

Visitors have to book a place through the National Bank’s reservation system and should arrive five to ten minutes before the beginning of their tour. The building is wheelchair and stroller-accessible.

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