Seminar on Purchasing Property in the Czech Republic by Foreigners

An educational seminar, “Buying and Financing Property in the Czech Republic” will provide insights and information on property in the areas of finance and real estate. Photo: Courtesy of Foreigners.

“Many foreigners look to live long-term in the Czech Republic: they have a stable job, a family, and they plan to stay here. So, they decide to buy a house or an apartment as an investment, rather than paying rent every month,” says Vojtěch Stehno, the co-founder and CFO of Foreigners.

Thinking about buying property in Czechia? Foreigners is organizing “Buying and Financing Property in the Czech Republic” – an educational seminar which will provide insights and information on property in the areas of finance and real estate. Two professionals will be speaking about their areas of expertise, ready to help expats in their investments.

Vojtěch Stehno, the co-founder and CFO of Foreigners, is a real estate owner – aside from owning several apartments, Stehno also owns an apartment building and is constantly developing new real estate projects.

Jakub Vojtěch is a financial advisor – a specialist in life planning, investments and mortgages. During the last 10 years of his professional career, Vojtěch has helped hundreds of people to get money for either buying or renewing their homes. His connections with key people in all of the Czech banks will make you feel confident about the solutions provided for you.

When asked about the reason for holding a seminar, Stehno explains: “We recently held a webinar, but it was only for an hour and we could not interact with the participants in person. Now, this seminar will be much longer, so that there will be more space for sharing information, discussions, and answering questions!” 

Attendees of the seminar can expect to learn more about how and when to invest in property in the Czech Republic, the current situation on property purchasing, and how to best tackle the goal of buying property as a foreigner – with or without Czech skills – and many more. “After all, the biggest benefit that comes with purchasing property is that expats can make CZK 500,000 in 5 years… Who wouldn’t like to have half a million extra?” Stehno says with a smile.

The seminar will take place on July 24, 2019. The capacity of the seminar is set at 36 people, with early-bird tickets being CZK 299 until July 17 – make sure you get your tickets on time! From July 18, the price will be set at CZK 499. Find more information on the seminar on the official Facebook event.

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