Brno Plans to Build New Cycle Path to Connect Žebětín, Bystrc and Kohoutovice

Recently, Brno City Council approved for a new cycle path to be built, in order to connect three of Brno’s suburban districts together. Photo credit: Stock photo.

Brno, Jul 5 (BD) – “People very often support sports activities and revitalization their surroundings. In this case, both purposes are filled. In addition, the bike path will touch three city districts and will serve a large number of inhabitants, which we naturally enjoy,” said Tomáš Koláčný, the Deputy Mayor of Brno.

The project of building a new cycle path was presented by Oldřich Drápal, as an idea for Brno’s participatory budget program, “Dame na vas”. The idea was presented in order to overcome the separation of the districts from the rest of the city, as caused by the motorway, Stará dálnice.

“Stará dálnice separates Žebětín from the rest of Brno, and this poses as an obstacle for cyclists and pedestrians, especially in terms of safety. The purpose of the project was to elaborate a study that would suggest the interconnection of Obora Holedná, Kohoutovice and in turn, Brno’s center with Žebětín,” explained Drápal.

The idea of a cycle path connecting the districts won in 2017 – the first year of the participatory budget program – and garnered more than 2,000 votes. In total, the cost of building the new path will be around CZK 712,000.

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