Brno’s Central Bus Station Zvonařka to Undergo Renovation

Brno’s busy bus station at Zvonařka will see reconstruction, starting this summer. The revitalisation of the bus station will be using secured subsidies. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, Jul 3 (BD) – The bus station at Zvonařka will be revamped to improve its services for the public. As one of the busiest hubs for transport in the city, Zvonařka’s aesthetics and utilities are on the way to enhancement.

During the reconstruction, a new check-in hall will be built near Opuštěná Street. The bus station as a whole will have increased lighting, as the station is usually dark even on a sunny day – due to the concrete roof, which also serves as a parking lot.

The Central Bus Station at Zvonařka was constructed between 1977 to 1985, to cope with the increasing amount of regional and international buses entering the city. Prior to its construction, all bus traffic went through the bus station opposite Brno’s Grand Hotel, which was in operation since 1951.

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