Red Sculpture of President Masaryk on Display at Moravské náměstí

One of the most photographed artifacts at last year’s RE:PUBLIKA festival at Brno Exhibition Center, marking 100 years of Czechoslovakia – the gigantic bust of President Masaryk created by Maxim Velčovský – was located at Moravské náměstí last Thursday. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, Jul 1 (BD) –  Maxim Velčovský, one of the leading art designers in the Czech Republic, is known for pieces such as his Wellington boot-shaped porcelain vase; a typical water-cooler paper cup made from porcelain; and most recently, his four-meter statue of the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Masaryk, which was originally displayed at the Brno Exhibition Center as part of the RE:PUBLIKA festival. The statue was created from tangled red pipes in the shape of the president’s iconic effigy.

Brno residents and tourists can now admire the statue in the city center – at Moravské náměstí. The sculpture invites people to the exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of Masaryk University in the nearby Moravian Gallery.

Velčovský gave the red sculpture to the Moravian Gallery as a gift. The Gallery is now seeking a permanent location for the sculpture, possibly his name-bearers – the premises of the Masaryk University or Masaryk district.

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