More Than Five Million Crowns in Cash Stolen from Car

The victim’s car window was broken by the burglars, who took their opportunity to obtain a large sum of money. Photo credit: Police CR.

Brno, Jun 26 (BD) – People must always take care of their valuables, and must ensure that they are not left unattended. Without precaution, things of value – including surprisingly large amounts of money – may be stolen.

Last week, a forty-two-year-old suffered a huge loss. After parking his car on Koliště Street and leaving it to attend to some errands, some burglars took the chance to steal the victim’s money.

“He left the large amount of cash in his car, which he recently collected at a bank. When he returned, he reported that a rear window was broken, and that his money which was in the car’s trunk was gone,” says Pavel Svab, a spokesman for the South Moravian Police Department.

According to the Police Department, the money was in a laptop bag, which amounted to more than CZK 5 million. The incident was reported to have happened on June 20, between 9:00 to 10:00 AM.

The Police Department requests the public to provide any information, or any dashboard camera videos pertaining to suspicious activity in the area – especially around the Blue Škoda Octavia (in photo). Witnesses may call the police information line 158.

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