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T-Mobile To Offer Unlimited Data Package For The Czech Market This Summer; Other Operators Expected To Follow

Vodafone, and possibly other operators, are thought to be considering similar offers this summer. Photo: Stock photo.

Czech Rep. / Brno, Jun 18 (BD) – Czech residents currently pay among the highest prices in Europe for their mobile data, and the issue is often discussed by politicians and media figures. In February, Trade Minister Marta Nováková came under fire for suggesting that data prices were so high because Czechs preferred using public wi-fi. (Read more in our previous article.) Nováková was later dismissed from the government, in part due to the negative response to her comments.

Now, T-Mobile has announced an 30-day unlimited data package, a first for the Czech market, available for the summer only. The offer is available for Czech residents with a call tariff who currently have either a data limit or a pre-paid card with an active monthly or annual data package. The data can also be used in other EU countries. The offer will be valid from 20th June until midnight on 31st August, when it will automatically expire.

Other operators are expected to follow with similar offers; Vodafone have announced a press conference on Wednesday to present their most recent tariffs.

Last week, the Czech Telecommunications Office said that prices were higher in the Czech Republic than other European countries due to a lack of fair competition on the market, and accused the main operators of colluding to keep prices high, which the operators denied. The Czech mobile market is among the least developed in Europe, whereas according to Rewheel Research, unlimited data packages are available for around 30 euros in 10 EU countries. Only Greece and Hungary are behind the Czech Republic in this area.

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