New Parking Regulations To Come Into Force On 30 September

The amended residential parking system, announced by the council in March this year, is intended to be “simpler and cheaper for both Brno residents and visitors”, according to its authors. Map by MMB.

Brno, Jun 13 (BD) – On Wednesday, the council adopted a regulation that will bring the changes to the parking system into effect from 30 September 2019. The regulations will only apply on weekdays and will divide the city into three zones with uniform rules. Other areas will be added from November 18. The separation of residents and commuters remains, and the requirements for obtaining a parking permit are also unchanged; applicants must have a permanent residence or own property in the area, or in the case of commuters the registered office of their company. Prices for parking permits for both groups will be reduced, but the final prices are still to be decided by the council.

Zone A will include the historic city center. Parking will be regulated 24 hours a day in this area. Only residents and commuters who have purchased parking permits can park here without restriction. There will be a standard CZK 40/hour charge in spaces designated for visitors. It will be possible to park for the first 30 minutes free of charge once a day.

Zone B will include areas that form a ring around the historic centre. Regulation in this zone will also apply 24 hours a day. The price for visitor parking will be CZK 30/hour.

All other areas will fall into Zone C, where parking will be regulated only in the evening and at night, so that residents returning home from work can park more easily. From 17h to 6h, visitor parking will cost CZK 20/hour, and anyone will be able to park for free during the day. However, the regulations applying to this zone are only theoretical, as there is no real resident parking.

Zones B and C will allow free parking for one hour a day.

Suggested price change. Source: MMB.

Petr Kratochvíl (ODS), council member for Transport said: “The changes we have made to the parking system in areas where it is already in place will start in September 30, to make parking easier and more user-friendly. Preparing a new resident parking system takes months, and this is another step towards the introduction of a new system. Other paid areas will then be gradually introduced in the city, according to the needs of the city districts and their residents, as well as the needs of transport organization. The next enlargement is planned for November 18.”

You can view the plans in detail at this website (in Czech).

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