The Latest Edition Of KAM V Brně/WHERE In Brno Is Out Now!

June is here. Are you looking forward to beautiful summer days? A cultural magazine KAM v Brně/WHERE in Brno, especially its English section in the middle, will give you the best tips, what to do with your free time. Image credit: KAM.

Brno, June 3 (BD) – If you like good food, nice music, outdoor festivals and art exhibitions, we know exactly what we should serve you. In KAM you will also find a map with the best sights, galleries, theaters, churches and information points.

Inspirational cover of the magazine has been created by Rudolf Brančovský, well known artist and front-man of the band Poletíme?. In the back of KAM, there are programs of the cinemas, music clubs and museums; you will always know how to stay entertained in Brno.

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