Passengers can use respirators, masks, or any alternatives, such as scarves. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

Tram Prioritization at Táborská to Improve Commuter Delays

The initiative of the Brno Public Transport Company (DPMB) to put trams as the first priority in the area will lessen tram delays, especially during morning rush hours. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, May 28 (BD) – Táborská road is one of the main routes into Brno’s city center. Though the route is accessible by tram, many commuters choose to go by car – causing extensive tram delays in the area, especially between 7 and 9 AM. This is because the trams and vehicles do not have separate lanes.

Trams that pass through Táborská are lines 12, 8 and 10. Yesterday, the street was closed off for cars in both directions, so that the public transportation could travel with less traffic. With cooperation from the police, trams were able to pass through the area with ease, causing a shorter travel time for the passengers. Although trams still had a delay of around 15 minutes, this is much less than the usual delay time.

Another reason for the increased traffic through Taborská is the fact that commuters are avoiding certain roads, due to traffic congestion caused by roadworks. A few of them are the ongoing construction on the bridge in Zábrdovice, and the construction around Zvonařka. With more construction planned throughout this summer, commuters can expect heavier traffic jams in and out of the city. (Read more on our previous story covering this summer’s roadworks: Extensive Road and Infrastructure Works Planned For Summer 2019 Will Mean Several Road Closures Across Brno.)

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