Game Development Legends at 2019 Game Access Conference in Brno

Dave Brevik, Gavin Goulden and other key names of the game development industry will be in Brno for Game Access 2019 Conference from Friday to Sunday. Dozens of talks, workshops and networking events have been organized to track the latest trends in the game development and video gaming field. Photo credit: Courtesy of Game Access.

Brno, May 23 (BD) – Both game enthusiasts and casual players – better take a deep breath before reading on! Legends of the game development industry such as Dave Brevik are coming to Brno this weekend, for the fourth edition of Game Access Conference 2019. For those who play “Candy Crush”, Brevik is a game designer and one of the masterminds behind the multimillion dollar PC game series, “Diablo”.

The key part of the program takes place on Friday and Saturday – when game developer industry professionals and fans attend workshops, talks, and use those moments to network with each other. “Just keep moving and do not forget to network, cooperate with others, meet other developers and learn from their mistakes,” says the organizers of GameDev Area, as a form of advice to the aspiring developers.

The early bird tickets are long gone, but you can still buy a regular festival pass on the official website until May 24. On Sunday, the festival opens its gates to everyone for free. Sunday’s Game Access features a retro-game museum, video games and boardgames, and interesting workshops.

In the evening of the weekend days, the Brno Philharmonic directed by Chuhei Iwasaki will play the soundtrack of the classic game “Mafia”, and the folk band Percival will play their songs which were featured in the “Witcher 3” Original SoundTrack. The two nights will be accompanied by unforgettable themed parties.  

Aside from Brevik, Brno audience can look forward to Gavin Goulden, accomplished lead character artist for the award winning video game “Marvel’s Spider-Man”; or David Hubert, visionary animator and cinematic director for “The Rise of Tomb Raider” and “Deus-Ex: Mankind Divided”.

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Game Access is an event organized by GameDev Area, a hub of video game developers and publishing houses based in Brno and South Moravia. Many international players will know Bohemia Interactive that has produced the internationally acclaimed military simulation game ARMA; or Hangar 13 (former Illusion Softworks, a.s), the team behind the Mafia video-game serie; both companies are partners and organizers of Game Access.  

Since the first edition in 2016 which was organized “in a few hotel rooms”, Game Access  has grown big and is now taking place in a conference hall covering more than 6,000 m² with over 1,200 attendees last year.

This year’s excellent speakers’ choice was no coincidence, but hard work: “A lot of speakers are really busy and their studio has to approve their trip to the conference, so sometimes it takes months to have everything prepared to announce our speaker,” Roman Vanke of Game Access explains.

“Every edition of Game Access brings something to remember. One of my most favorite memories is building a booth after two days of non-stop work, finishing it at 4 AM and still, I love my job!” adds Vanke with laughter.

“Definitively we would love to see John Carmack and Mick Gordon on our Game Access stage one day! But sorry, I can’t tell you more, it would ruin our surprise,” Vanke says, staying secretive about future plans regarding Game Access.

Prepared by Manuele Siciliano.

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