Latest Call For “Participatory Budgeting” Proposals Receives 148 Submissions From The Public

Not all of the submissions have been accepted, but at least 112 will go to the next stage of voting, ahead of a final vote in November. In photo: A tree-lined alley in Řečkovice. The rejuvenation of the poplar-lined walking route in Řečkovice placed fourth in voting in the first year of the program, with 1,262 votes, and has been completed at a cost of CZK 928,000. Photo credit:

Brno, May 22 (BD) – Brno’s participatory budgeting process, which allocates money from the city’s budget to fund projects submitted by citizens and chosen in a public vote, is now in its third year. In 2019, CZK 35 million has been allocated for these projects. 148 submissions were received in total; according to Klara Drápalová, the manager of the process, 112 have already been accepted, with a total value of CZK 192 million, and can be viewed online by the public on this website. Of the others, eight have been returned to the proposers for small adjustments, 22 have been rejected, four were withdrawn by the proposers, and two did not come with the required final references.

The proposals now have 14 days to attract the necessary support from the public, either 300 “likes” on the website, or 30 signatures. According to Drapalová, there is no limit to the number of projects that can be “liked”. Proposals which gain enough support will go through a feasibility assessment ahead of a public vote in November. This year’s proposals include a charging station for electric cars, a swing and a carousel for wheelchairs, and a community cider house.

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