Moravian Library Announces Closure for Renovation During the Summer

The second largest library in the Czech Republic is in need of extensive reconstruction, and will be closed from June 29 until September 15. Photo credit: AJ.

Brno, May 21 (BD) – “The library’s atrium will undergo extensive renovation, and there will be an improvement in the facilities such as the furniture and bathrooms, as well as the building’s entrance and insulation,” explains the Moravian Library’s official website. On the website, readers can discover where they can find their desired books in other libraries in the city.

Bookworms in the city will unfortunately have to endure the Moravian Library’s closure over the summer, but, students are in luck: the closure is planned to be from June 29 to September 15. The closure will be in sync with the summer holidays, so students will not have to worry about where to study during the academic year.

The Moravian Library is the second biggest library in the Czech Republic, and is the regional library for South Moravia. The library is home to many books and articles in different languages – including English, Czech, French and German – aside from hosting some exhibitions from time to time.

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