In Photos: Branky Body Brno Exhibition Showcasing Brno’s Sport History

The exhibition opened its doors yesterday at Spilberk Castle, and will be running until the end of December this year. In photo: Olympic torch from the games in Atlanta. Credit: BBB.

Brno, May 16 (BD) – If you’re curious about the city’s participation in sports, the Branky Body Brno Exhibition is the perfect place for sports enthusiasts. Presenting almost 150 years of Brno’s achievements in sports, the exhibition offers a reminder of the city’s participation in sports. Along with information on how sports in the city looked like during the time of monarchy, Branky Body Brno will commemorate athletes and teams from the city.

Offering information on Brno and its relation to a wide range of sports – including but not limited to football and hockey – visitors will be able to marvel at sports jerseys from Brno teams, such as the Kometa hockey team, and the Zbrojovka football team.

Among the exhibition artifacts are photos, trophies, and Olympic medals. Some unique artifacts include the gold medal earned by Věra Růžičková, a gymnast, and a trophy earned by Lucie Šafářová, a tennis player – both who are originally from the city of Brno. The exhibition will also feature Wimbledon and Australia Open trophies of the late Jana Novotná, another Brno native.

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