Anniversary of the Oldest Czech Train Track: Brno-Břeclav

This year marks the 180th anniversary of the oldest train track in the Czech Republic, which runs between Brno and Břeclav. Photo for illustrative purposes. Credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, May 13 (BD) – The route between Brno and Břeclav is the oldest railway track in the country. Czech Railways (České dráhy) prepared special train rides for the route to celebrate the train track’s 180th anniversary.

The special train rides ran through the whole day on Saturday, May 11, which was the official day of celebrating the railway track’s anniversary. The rides went through three different routes, with each route’s trains having its own special touch to commemorate the anniversary. Train passengers had the opportunity to see train conductors and ticket inspectors in uniforms which were similar to the ones worn by employees from the era.

For the route Brno dolní nádraží – Hodonín, historic trains showcasing steam and diesel locomotives, with vintage carriages from the 1940’s and 1950’s offered a nostalgic environment for the train’s passengers. The other routes (Hodonín – Zaječí, and Hodonín – Zaječí via Břeclav) also offered train rides with either a diesel locomotive, or a steam locomotive – along with the vintage carriages.

Link to a fan video on YouTube.

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