Burst Water Pipe on Bratislavská Causes Street Closure

An underground water pipe burst has caused inaccessibility for a part of Bratislavská street. Photo: Street closure on Bratislavská. Credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, May 6 (BD) – Drivers are advised to be careful – the streets of Bratislavská and Příkop will be completely closed tonight. Currently (4:18 PM), drivers can use Příkop and Ponava as an alternative route, but those are heavily congested.

The closure of Bratislavská was caused by the bursting of a water pipe, which happened on Sunday morning.

The checks and repairs of the pipes and road began right after the burst. The repair works are estimated to last for a week.

The police have issued out statements which advise drivers to avoid the area, in order to lessen the traffic congestion.

The streets of Bratislavská and Příkop are important, as the roads are part of a route to Koliště – which is a part of the city’s ring road.

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