Eleven Sites Approved As Potential Locations For “Park and Ride” Car Parks

On Wednesday, Brno City Council approved 11 sites around Brno as possible locations for parking facilities to be included in a planned “park and ride” (P+R) system. The approval means that preparation can now begin on project documentation to obtain planning permission for the proposed car parks. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Apr 25 (BD) – The P+R car park system could significantly increase parking capacity in the city. The basic principle is to create parking spaces in locations where people driving into Brno can continue their journey by public transport. Alongside the new residential parking system, the development of a P+R system is a key part of the strategy to ease pressure on Brno’s congested transport network.

Petr Kratochvíl (ODS), Council Member for Transport, explained further: “We have now started the preparation of project documentation for the selected P+R sites. The preparation will be completed by Brno Communications together with the Department of Transport. The project will also include a proposal for financing the individual P+Rs and also the expected schedule. With this step we are actually launching the P+R project.”

The proposed locations include: Žlutý kopec – Tomešova (284 spaces), Sportovní (465 spaces), the Children’s Hospital in Černá Pole (546 spaces), Bohunice Hospital (2,359 spaces), Purkyňova (610 spaces), Královo Pole Train Station (345 spaces), Veveří – Šumavská (664 spaces), Líšeň – Zetor (220 spaces), Jemelkova (550 spaces), the Milosrdných bratří Hospital in Polní (120 spaces) and Akademická (500–800 seats).

Evaluation of the options for further action should be completed by the end of June this year.

The P+R project in Brno will be led by Aleš Keller from Brno Roads.

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