Parking Permits for Královo Pole Residents

Yesterday’s Brno City Council meeting led to the approval of a parking permit price list, which indicates the prices for parking privileges in the resident parking system. Up until recently, there was no price list for the area of Královo Pole. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Apr 18 (BD) – “We were approached by representatives of the city district, who requested that the residents living on the border of certain resident areas could buy annual parking permits. The City Council complied with this request, and approved the addition of a price list for Královo Pole. This addition is in line with the new resident parking concept. This should start in the autumn of this year, ” said Petr Kratochvíl (ODS), Councilor for Transport.

After the regulation comes into effect, people living in the Královo Pole area (which are directly adjacent to the areas which already established the new parking system) can also obtain authorization.

The areas indicated are 3-01 and 3-15. Area 3-01 is bordered by Pionýrská, Štefánikova, Sportovní and Reissigova streets; area 3-15 includes the streets of Sportovní, Drobného, Porgesova a Generála Píky.

The price lists:

For residents: CZK 200 for the 1st car; CZK 8,000 for 2nd; and CZK 12,000 for the 3rd car.

For businesses (abonenti): CZK 4,000 for the 1st car; CZK 18,000 for the 2nd.

Source: Brno City website. More info:

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