Upcoming English-Friendly Performances at the Goose on a String Theatre

The Goose on a String Theatre on Zelny Trh has several more performances coming up which will be staged with English subtitles. Photo credit: Braňo Konečný / Courtesy of the theatre.

Brno, Apr 9 (BD) — On Thursday, 11 April, the theatre will stage Dynasty, a fascinating portrayal of a German Jewish family – the Lehman family, which cuts right through to the heart of American history, capturing the story of capitalism in a stunning tour-de-force. (Read more in our previous story: “Goose on a String Theatre to Stage an English-Friendly Version of “Dynasty”).

This will be followed on Tuesday, 23 April, with a stage adaptation of Amerika by Franz Kafka, one of the key literary figures of the 20th century. Like The Trial and The Castle, the novel survived in the form of an unfinished manuscript, originally entitled The Man Who Disappeared. Interestingly, Kafka’s original title captures the very essence of the story: the plight of a man lost in a strange world. The thrilling work is a depiction of the New World as seen through the eyes of a 16-year-old immigrant who knows little of the strange and unknown land he finds himself in. Karl Rossmann’s extraordinary journey is a classic story of rootlessness and the desire to understand other people in another world.

On Sunday, 5 May, the theatre will stage another performance of Dynasty -this time, a family-friendly event which is a part of the “Parents’ Walk” initiative, aimed at parents who would love to go to the theatre, but don’t have babysitting. Parents attending this performance of Dynasty can pay 50 crowns for their children to take part in a fun theatre workshop, which is suitable for children aged 3-10 years. It is organised in association with Dráček Kindergarten, where professional and experienced teachers will open up the world of theatre fantasy using a whole host of masks, puppets, and other theater props. Although, the workshop will not be specifically tailored for English-speaking children.

On Wednesday, 8 May, an English-friendly “Vitka” will take over the stage – the story of the young talented Brno composer, conductor and femme fatale Vítězslava Kaprálová, through the eyes of writer Kateřina Tučková and director Anna Petrželková.

In June, a new space will be opened in the theatre. The new space will be used to host a range of interesting events, including concerts, flea markets, and children’s days featuring shows, bazaars, and workshops. The beautifully restored space will also have a new café run by Ondřej Pilat (from Café Tungsram, Café Pilát and Café Atlas).

Brno Daily is a proud media partner of the Goose on a String Theatre’s English-friendly series.

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