Amnesty International Brno’s First Event for English Speaking Community

Usually hosting and organising events and public screenings in the Czech language, the well-known NGO is now reaching out to Brno’s international community. For the first time ever, Amnesty International Brno is having a fun-filled pub quiz in English. The topic is “Human Rights”. Bring your friends, come and play! Photo credit: Amnesty International Brno.

Brno, Apr 1 (BD) – “As we have lots of foreign volunteers in our activist group, we decided that we should also do English-friendly event. Our foreign volunteers help a lot with organizing the events – but unfortunately, many of these events are purely in Czech,” explained Klara Matulová, from Amnesty International Brno.

Whether you are in it to win it, or just wanting to spend a nice evening with your friends over drinks and questions on human rights, come to Amnesty International Brno’s pub quiz and brainstorm over interesting questions.

Though many pub quizzes are organised by Amnesty International in different cities in Czech Republic, this would be the first time that an English pub quiz has been organised by the renowned organisation.

“We have already conducted two pub quizzes in Brno; I also believe that there are not that many English pub quizzes in the city,” Matulová added.

Amnesty International is London-based NGO, which focuses on defending human rights. “We usually do events or happenings in order to support or highlight some specific cases, through public discussions, document screenings, or events like LGBT Pride,” said Matulová.

Matulová continued, “as we believe we are talking about serious issues, we try to reach many people with different interests and backgrounds. Therefore, we adapted the concept of pub quiz, which meets both the educational and fun aspects – which might be more interesting for people.”

The pub quiz will be taking place tomorrow, April 2, in Black Box Cafe. Find out more information on the event’s official Facebook page. Admission is voluntary.

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