Brno Court Issues Injunction Against Businessman Involved In Property Dispute With The City

In a long-running dispute with the city, entrepreneur Libor Procházka has been restricting access to land around the Za Lužánkami football stadium, and charging parking fees. Photo: Brno Daily.

Brno, Mar 28 (BD) – On Tuesday, Brno Municipal Court granted a petition from the city authorities and issued a preliminary injunction ordering Procházka and his companies to stop restricting access to urban land in the Ponava area of town, and also to stop collecting fees from members of the public entering the area.

City authorities are trying to bring to an end a long-standing property rights dispute over real estate in the Ponava locality, around the Za Lužánkami football stadium.

Responding to the ruling, Brno Mayor Marketa Vaňková (ODS) said: “I appreciate the court’s decision to accept the city’s proposal in full on all the points the city requested. This means that, on the basis of a precautionary measure, Mr Procházka’s companies must not place movable assets on this territory, such as barriers that prevent entry into the car park. He must also end the unauthorized collection of parking fees.”

Councillor Róbert Čuma (Piráti) added that “our goal is to put an end to unresolved property disputes in this area, which has a high development potential.”

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