ISB Open Day: Meet the International School of Brno, Talk with Students and Teachers

The International School of Brno (ISB) Open Day for secondary and high school students gave an insight on how the student and teacher body work together, to ensure a fine-standard of education. Photo credit: ISB.

Brno, Mar 27 (BD) – “The school really tries to include and engage everyone – the students also have a voice, through the ‘Student Parliament’, which the students can join in,” said Perry, a secondary student originally from Egypt when asked about what she liked the most about her school.

Earlier this month, ISB opened its doors for prospective students and their families to explore the educational facilities of the only internationally accredited school in the South Moravian region.

“For our high school students, we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, which is the best internationally accredited high school programme. Students will receive an IB diploma at the end of their studies, which is recognised as a prestigious high school diploma all over the world,” explained Jan Švihálek, the headteacher of ISB.

“The teachers – who come from many different countries – happily answer all of our questions. They really care about us students,” added Perry.

Brian Tynan, one of ISB high-school teachers.

The school’s modern facilities boasted well-equipped laboratories, colourful classrooms and hallways, and spacious common areas.

Though this Open Day was specifically for secondary and high school students, the International School of Brno will also be having an Open Day for Elementary School. On April 4, ISB will open their doors to prospective elementary students and their families.

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