Brno Profiled By British Newspaper The Sunday Times

The article, by Yvonne Gordon, highlighted many of the best things about Brno: the food, the relaxed atmosphere, and the city’s youthful spirit. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Mar 27 (BD) – Although Brno is known by its residents to be a well-kept secret in the Heart of Europe, secrets can only be kept for so long, and many of the great things about Brno are starting to put the city on the map. Newspapers including The Guardian and The New York Times have profiled Brno in the last couple of years, and now The Sunday Times of London has done the same (Read more: The Sunday Times, 24 March 2019 “Czech out Brno, Bohemia’s laid-back little brother”).

The profile, written by Yvonne Gordon, highlights many of the same positive points mentioned in previous articles about Brno: the gastronomy, the wide range of cafés and bars, the relaxed atmosphere, and the young, creative energy in the city. Commenting on the relative lack of touristy sights to see, Gordon observes that: “Walking around, you quickly realise that spending time here is more about enjoying the relaxed social scene and artistic atmosphere than ticking off monuments.” The article also describes a number of the city’s best spots, including the restaurant Atelier, the eccentric cocktail bar Super Panda Circus, and the karma-based Dobro Kava coffee cart, as well the more established tourist attractions of Zelny Trh and Vila Tugendhat.

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