Open Gardens under Špilberk to Receive Care and Maintenance

The Brno City Council approved a subsidy of CZK 800 thousand for “Nadace Partnerství”. The subsidy is to be used for the maintenance and operation of the Open Gardens. Photo: Open Gardens. // Credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Mar 26 (BD) – “The subsidy from the city budget will be used to cover the costs of maintaining and operating the Open Gardens, in order to make this green oasis in the center of Brno accessible to families with children, schools and visitors to the whole season, including weekends,” said Petr Hladík, the First Deputy Mayor of Brno.

The CZK 800 thousand subsidy covers 42% of the total costs needed for the Open Gardens’ operation and maintenance. The place is known to be a unique, green space in Brno’s city center for relaxation, meeting with people, and education, which is open throughout the week for the public.

The purpose of the subsidy is to provide, among other things, the purchase of animal feed, garden maintenance material, office operation, consulting and advisory services, and anything related to the garden’s maintenance services or salaries of the Open Gardens’ employees.

The “Open Gardens” connects the largest green park in the city – Špilberk – with the park on Obilní trh, and has become part of the city’s green scenery. Overall, over 30,000 people visit the site a year. Read more about the Open Gardens in our previous story, “Open Garden – a peaceful oasis amid the bustling city”.

This year, the gardens will open starting from April 1.

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