Kino Art Celebrates 100 Years Since Opening

On Sunday Brno’s famous arthouse cinema celebrates its centenary. A range of events are planned to mark the occasion, which also looks forward to the reopening of the cinema’s permanent home in September.Photo: Kino Art on Radnická. // Credit: TIC Brno.

Brno, Mar 24 (BD) – Kino Art’s permanent home on Cihlářská has been under reconstruction since May 2017. The works were originally planned for a short period, until September 2017, during which time the cinema would operate from a temporary home on Pekarska, the Distillery Social Reactor. However, the project took look longer than expected, and the cinema is now due to reopen in September of this year. In the meantime the cinema has moved to a second new home in the TIC Gallery at Radnická 4 which, despite lower technical capabilities and limited capacity, has continued the cinema’s tradition of festivals and regular screenings and has provided audiences with a cosy atmosphere.

Such reconstruction is nothing new to Kino Art, which has in fact been closed for 22 of its 100 years of existence, including several months in 1932-33 to adjust to the introduction of sound films, in 1942 due to screening a banned film, and from 1973-91 as part of a complete reconstruction of the building.

While currently based in Radnická, the cinema has also been running a series of pop-up screenings in various sites, with more to come, including a screening of 1939 Czech comedy Eva Fools Around at Villa Löw-Beer on 9 April, a screening on a boat at Brno Dam, and a special screening in the caves of Moravsky Kras. However, the main attraction in Kino Art’s future is the grand reopening, currently scheduled for this autumn, but as the cinema director Milan Šimánek notes: “If everything goes well, we will open on September 13th, but it’s a Friday.” The cinema will celebrate both its reopening at Cihlářská and the centenary with 100 hours of films, non-stop from 13-15 September in both theatres of the cinema, featuring a program of cinema classics such as Die Hard and Blade Runner.

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