Video: Brno City Police Use Climbing Equipment to Help a 90-Year-Old Woman

The 90-year-old woman was rescued by officers via her balcony last weekend. They had to use climbing equipment and special tools. Photo credit: MP Brno.

Brno, Mar 19 (BD) – Brno City Police spokeswoman Tereza Kadrnožková described the unfortunate situation that happened in Brno-Žabovřesky this Sunday: “A neighbor heard a faint call, and through the door she found out from the elderly woman that she had fallen over and could not get up.”

A police patrol car arrived at the two-storey house in Žabovřesky only to find that special tools would be required to enter the apartment, so they called for reinforcements with better equipment. However, they had no more success in opening the door, so they asked the neighbor to use his balcony. Kadrnožková explained: “A policeman trained to work at heights climbed to the woman’s balcony using special equipment and immediately made contact with her through the balcony doors. Unfortunately, the woman was so weak that she couldn’t open it from the inside and the officer had to use special tools to enter the apartment.”

With the help of his colleagues, they sat the woman on the bed and called an ambulance. A woman said to have fallen due to leg pain was taken to hospital by medical staff. The police officers locked the apartment and informed her son.

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