Police Warn Of Pickpockets Operating In Brno

The police have issued a statement warning residents and tourists in Brno of pickpockets, after two women were the victim of such thefts on Tuesday. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Mar 14 (BD) – In the first incident, a foreign woman was robbed while walking through the city centre, by a pickpocket who was able to undo the buckle of her backpack undetected, and steal over CZK 65,000. In a second case, a woman travelling by tram between Pionýrská and Nové Sady had her wallet stolen from her purse, which was hanging on her left forearm.

According to Petra Hrůzová of South Moravain Police: “The anonymity of a big city, the large numbers of people who do not pay attention to their things, and the indifference of passers-by, are advantages often used by the perpetrators of theft. For these reasons, theft is generally the most common crime in major cities. However, prevention should primarily come from the citizens themselves, who often do not pay enough attention to their personal things.” Particularly high-risk areas are those with a high concentration of people, such as department stores, public transport, and city centre escalators.

The police advise the following measures to protect yourself from pickpockets:

  • Pay attention to your handbags, backpacks, and wallets carried in back pockets. Do not carry your wallet in a place where it is visible.
  • If possible, carry money and documents separately.
  • Be careful when shopping, as you are more likely to be distracted. Just losing your attention for one moment could mean losing your money and valuables. For this reason, it is never advisable to carry your handbag in your shopping cart.
  • Consider the risk of theft when out in bars and clubs. Often, when the evening’s entertainment is in full swing, unattended handbags and phones can be seen everywhere.

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