Police Saved a Man’s Life with Defibrillators (AED), AED Available for Emergency to Public Also at 65 Locations in Brno

After a man’s collapse in a small town of Ratíškovice in South Moravia, two policemen were able to save the man – due to the fact that their police patrol vehicle was equipped with a defibrillator. Photo credit: ZZSJMK.

Brno, Mar 13 (BD) – The 50-year-old man, who was reported to have fainted in a bowling alley, was resuscitated by the policemen who were patrolling the area in their vehicle.

The policemen were redirected to the area of incidence in order to make use of their automated external defibrillators (AED), while waiting for the emergency medical services to arrive.

The usage of the AED was able to restore the man’s heartbeat, and the policemen provided first aid until the ambulance arrived to the area. The ambulance then took the man to a hospital in Brno for specialized care.

In South Moravia, around 700 people are affected by cardiac arrests yearly, which occur outside hospitals. Roughly half of them die, and only 15% are fortunate enough to return to their normal lives after a heart attack. This is only possible by providing quick assistance.

The incident echoes the reasoning behind an increased amount of AED in Brno’s city center, which would prove to be useful in emergency cases.

There are around 65 defibrillators located in the city. Some important locations include Zelný trh, the Brno Public Transportation Company office at Mendlovo Náměstí, and Náměstí Svobody.

Read more about the locations of the AED in the city center: “Brno Citizens To Have Access To More Defibrillators In The City”.

AED Deployment in Brno city center. Map: Fsps.muni.cz.

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