In Photos: “Sharks” to Replace “Pack” of Cats at Šilingrovo náměstí

The popular sculpture of “Pack” featuring feline predators, will soon be replaced with a new sculpture exhibition from the same renowned Czech sculptor, Michal Gabriel.

Brno, Mar 1 (BD) –  People will have the chance to see and take pictures with “Pack” until March 12, 2019. After this point, the exhibition will be dismantled in order to make way for the next part of the exhibition: “Sharks”. Before the adorning presence of Gabriel’s “Pack”, the Galerie Šilingrák previously featured another work by Gabriel, known as “Flock” – which consisted of predatory birds and graced Šilingrovo náměstí.

Michal Gabriel, who is an esteemed Czech sculptor, is also a university teacher, and was the former Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Brno University of Technology (VUT).

With each of the previous sculptures representing the natural elements of air and earth, the next sculpture to be featured will represent the natural element of water, through “Sharks”.

The opening for the exhibition – which will feature a school of sharks created by Gabriel – will be on March 20, 2019, at 5:00 pm.

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