Doors to the Nanoworld Open in Brno for “Days of Electron Microscopy 2019”

For five days, top research institutes and world-renowned electron microscopy makers from Brno will allow the public in to get a glimpse into the nanoworld. Photo credit: DEM.

Brno, Mar 1 (BD) – For this unique event, running for the third year in 2019, visitors will be allowed in to see labs, lectures, and an interactive program with a total of 30 different events. Brno has a unique ecosystem for electron microscopy, led by research institutes, including the Institute of Instrumentation at the Czech Academy of Sciences, the CEITEC scientific centre, and the universities, and leading manufacturers Thermo Fisher Scientific, TESCAN and Delong Instruments. In 2017, representatives of the business and academic spheres, along with the Science-Popularization Institute, the City of Brno and the South Moravian Region, decided to organise the first Days of Electron Microscopy Festival, to bring electron microscopy closer to the general public.

“Brno is a unique international capital in the field of electron microscopy, responsible for more than 30% of global production. I am surprised how little is known about this among the general public. Our goal is to popularize this unique field, to show that the development of these precision instruments and their use forms a very interesting industry, which not only has solid roots in Brno but also a promising future,” said Deputy Mayor of Brno Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti).

Photo: Fruit Fly Eye. Credit: DEM.

This year’s event will begin on Wednesday 6 March with a public video screening at Brno City Hall in Dominikanské nam., a six-minute video-mapping demonstration that will include images of delights such as mold, parasites, fleas, insect wings, pollen, bacteria, the eye of the carrot fly and mosquito, and the nerve network. Viewers will also learn about Brno’s close links to the production of electron microscopes, how the device works and in which fields it is used. The screening will start at 7.30pm, and the video will be repeated every half hour until 9pm.

Other parts of the program include interesting exhibits from the Institute of Instrumentation at the Czech Academy of Sciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Delong Instruments. TESCAN will present an electron microscope at the Brno Observatory, which will also host a program of other interesting lectures. The public will also be able to tour CEITEC’s research institutes, and VIDA! science centre has prepared workshops for families with children as well as adults. There will also be a themed exhibition at the Brno Technical Museum.

Lucie Mezníková, the coordinator of the event from Brno City Council, said: “As well as events for the general public, we have also prepared a special program for high school students. We are delighted that interest in the event is growing.”You can find the complete program for the festival at their website.

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