Brno’s Public Transport to Celebrate its 150th Anniversary with Numerous Events in 2019

This year’s public transport in Brno celebrates a significant anniversary. The first horse-drawn tram left the Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí) on August 17, 1869, and Brno thus happened to be the first city with public transport in the Czech lands, and third after Vienna and Budapest in Austro-Hungarian empire. The celebrations will be held under the auspices of Brno’s mayor. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Feb 26 (BD) – “It is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most important anniversaries of Brno this year. It is a reminder of not only the huge technical development, but also the generations of people who helped the development and operation of Brno’s public transport. Thanks to their work, the passengers and the city of Brno – whose priority has always been a support for urban public transport – can be proud of the world-class public transport system here today,” says the mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková.

“On the occasion of this important anniversary, the Transport Company of the City of Brno, a.s. (DPMB) prepares a number of events throughout the year,” says DPMB spokeswoman Hana Tomaštíková. People will be able to enter the important depots and facilities of DPMB, take part in the unveiling of a new monument on Moravské náměstí, or “join a magnificent street party with a festive car parade that will mark the great culmination of celebrations,” adds Tomaštíková. DPMB and Technical Museum of Brno will run retro- and historical vehicles during the celebrations.

The historic H4 line. Photo credit: KK.

The first event this year is a launch of the season on Brno’s lake on April 13 with traditional captains parade. On May 18, open days at Medlánky depot and Ústřední dílny with a family program will follow. On June 15, depot Husovice will open its door. On the same day, people will have a chance to admire the horse-drawn and steam trams. 150 years after the first ride of Brno public transport, a monument on Moravské náměstí will be introduced. On the last day of August, a street party with two festive parades of historic and current public transport vehicles will take place.

DPMB will also release a book tracking 150 years of the public transport development. The retro-trams will operate on weekends from April to October. In the summer season, the historic H4 / H24 lines will run according to the standard weekend timetable.

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