Number of Flu Cases Down by 4% in South Moravia

A decrease in the amount of flu cases has been observed in the South Moravian region. Photo credit: Freepik.

Brno, Feb 25 (BD) – On the 8th week of 2019, incidence of acute respiratory infections and influenza decreased to 1664 per 100,000 inhabitants in the South Moravian region – a decrease by 4% compared to the previous week.

A decrease of influenza cases was observed in the adult category, with a 12% decrease. On the other hand, an increase was seen on flu cases in the category of schoolchildren, with a 4.2% increase.

Chart: Acute Respiratory Infections, 8th Week of 2019. Credit: KHS JMK.

Influenza cases amounting to higher than the regional average were observed in the regions of Brno-Outer, Hodonin, and Znojmo.

Dr. Renata Ciupek, the spokeswoman of South Moravian Regional Hygiene Office (KHS JMK) and author of the weekly report, said that “based on the development of the infection, we can assume that we are just past the peak of the epidemic wave. However, we strongly recommend not to underestimate the influenza, and pay proper attention to its treatment.”

KHS JMK reported 27 critical influenza cases, and 8 deaths during this year’s flu epidemic.

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